25 Things to Blog About

25 things to blog about

Let me start with an apology, to myself as much as anyone, for not keeping up with my own aims for this blog. It seems I haven’t posted in four whole months! But what a hectic four months these have been.

Since the last time I posted, I have graduated! I completed all of my exams, (and didn’t even cry in any of them), I wrote a 10,000 word dissertation (and cried a lot in the duration) and I now have a lovely, shiny degree in English Literature and English Language.
I moved back home. I worked in a coffee shop. I camped for a week in Scotland. I started going to the gym! (- To those who have known me a long time, this really is the most shocking news). I’ve read approximately a thousand books. Next week, I’m holidaying with my best friend in Menorca. And then I’m moving again, to the North West, where I will hopefully find myself a job and start living a real adult life. An adult life that involves the diligent and most loving upkeep of my little blog, which, by the way, is celebrating its one year anniversary this month.

So, as a way back into it, here is a list of 25 things to blog about when you – and I – are feeling that looming blogger’s burnout:

1. Cook something, bake something, take a million pictures and write up your method.
2. Write a review of a film you’ve seen or a book you’ve read recently.
3. Share one of your favourite memories.
4. Use your blog as a productive outlet for what you’re feeling – write it all down to help yourself and to encourage others.
5. Write about what has been inspiring you lately.
6. Learn a new skill and talk about the process.
7. List the things that have made you happy this week /month.
8. Share an Instagram post catch up, write about it journal style.
9. Round up some of your favourite blogs or blog posts and share them with your followers.
10. If you try something new, share your experience.
11. If you’re good at something already, share some tips!
12. Go somewhere you’ve never been before, take a camera and post your favourite pictures.
13. Write about what you’re thankful for.
14. Make a list of your goals.
15. Write about something you’re passionate about.
16. Share some of your recent pins from Pinterest (tell us why they’re pinteresting).
17. Make a playlist of your favourite songs.
18. Do a monthly round up of things you’ve been loving.
19. Tell us about your favourite book.
20. Share photos from your weekend.
21. Talk about a particular quote which inspires you.
22. Write about some of your daily essentials.
23. Write a feature on a local cafe or a particular spot you love going to.
24. Give your readers some helpful tips on your blogging process (or any other productive process!)
25. Take any idea you have and just write until it becomes a coherent post! – Trust your ideas.


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