London, in numbers

Going to London at Christmas time has been on my to-do list since I started university two years ago. I got to do it this weekend with one of my closest friends, and we had so much fun!

7:: hours spent wandering around the Southbank Christmas markets talking and laughing about everything with one of the coolest – and only – Londoners I know

45:: minutes waiting for a table at Wahaca, and every single minute was worth the wait

3:: beautiful ‘street food’ dishes in the restaurant. We shared pork pibil tacos, marinared chicken taquitos, and black bean and cheese quesadillas – all highly recommendable

2:: delicious cocktails – a mohito and a margarita, what luxury!

countless:: mulled wine and cider stalls, which flavoured the air with the most lovely mix of citrus and spices

15:: minutes walking along the Thames river, lit by the most beautiful light, searching for coffee

30:: minutes spent in the Rekordelig lounge, drinking apple and guava ciders

too many:: pieces of art work that I didn’t understand – but which were still pretty to look at – in the Tate Modern

3:: trains and tubes missed because of delays and cancellations

0:: degrees when I left the house this morning, and

-1:: degree when I got back, with

10:: frozen cold toes


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