DIY Jar of Layered Ingredients

October has been a month full of celebrations thus far. Two of my best and closest friends had birthdays, and it was also mine and my wonderful boyfriend’s four year anniversary (another celebratory /food-related post about this soon)!
I love birthdays, other people’s birthdays especially. Finding or making the perfect gift makes me absolutely giddy. 
Having always managed to fall just slightly behind the social-media bandwagon, I only discovered Pinterest very recently, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t hooked. Anyway, I found the most gorgeous DIY dessert mix jars, and decided they’d be a great gift for the birthday girl in question. (They’d also be really lovely as wedding or party favours, if the recipe was reduced down to fit smaller jars. The jars I used were just over one litre each).


{Photos by Evan Nutley}

These jars were really fun to make and the birthday girl loved them! They’re ideal as a gift for someone who loves to bake but doesn’t have a lot of time on their hands, and they look great, too.


Check out my Pinterest boards for more creative ideas and other lovely things. 

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